Flossy Chinese New Year Gift Box – April Inch
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Flossy Chinese New Year Gift Box

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Product Description

Chinese New Year celebration isn't complete without pineapple tarts. Our pineapple tarts is crafted with fine quality butter and single origin pineapples, with no artificial preservative or colouring added. 

This is a marriage of sweet and sour flavour filling in buttery smooth crust, making every bite so irresistible and scrumptious! Looking for some new flavour? Our newly launched pineapple tart combine the sweetness of freshly
made pineapple jam with a savoury meat floss (chicken) flavour would be a gem. We bake it not too sweet for your family and you to enjoy during this festive season. These golden pineapple tarts are truly a labor of love.

This gift box includes:

- Free gift 

- Flossy paper bag

- Flossy sleeve box

- Complimentary greeting card

- 6 pc Signature pineapple tarts

- 6 pc Pineapple + chicken floss tarts

农历新年怎么能没有凤梨酥呢?我们的凤梨酥是由优质黄油和新鲜的凤梨制成,没有添加人工防腐剂或色素。 这是酸甜味的结合,充满黄油般光滑的外壳,使每一口都难以抗拒和美味!厌倦了传统的口味?

我们新推出的凤梨酥结合了新鲜甜味的凤梨果酱和使用美味的肉松(鸡肉)制成,将让你一试难忘。我们为您和您的家人在这个喜庆的季节里享受着Flossy带来甜而不腻的体验。 这里每一颗凤梨酥都包含了April Inch的心思的爱。


- 免费精美福袋

- Flossy 纸袋

- Flossy 盒子

- 免费的贺卡

- 6颗原味黄梨塔

- 6颗黄梨+鸡丝塔


Flour, eggs, butter, sugar, pineapple, meat floss (chicken)


Storage Instructions

Store in an airtight container or in its original sealed packaging to maintain freshness. Keep in dry, cool place.


Product Shelf Life

3 weeks under room temperature or 3 month under chill.


Product Information

12 pieces per box. 

800g net weight.



We deliver to all states in Malaysia! Free Delivery valid with purchase of minimum 5 boxes and above. Standard delivery rate will be charged with normal purchase. Self collect is available at No.1, Jalan Bangau 2, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Selangor. You may choose your preferrred delivery/self-collection date during checkout.

全马运送!购物满5盒或以上即可享受免邮服务。购买少于5盒会征收特定邮费(根据地点计算)。顾客可到 No.1, Jalan Bangau 2, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Selangor 自取。在结账页面可以选择配送/自取的日期。

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