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All of our cakes are made from scratch by the founder, Alyssa, using only premium imported ingredients.

Customised cakes are made according to the requirements of each customer, so each cake has a different appearance and different price. 

The cake style belongs to Minimal, Korean style. The hand-painted cake design only accepts Cute version characters or other drawings, If you want to draw a car or other theme cake, the owner strongly recommend you to order a fondant cake because it can show more details. 

We provide delivery to Klang Valley every day, so you can enjoy our cakes anytime with a click of mouse.

本店只用进口的优质材料,所有蛋糕都是店主-Alyssa 亲自烘焙. 


蛋糕风格属于简约(Minimal),韩式风格,手绘蛋糕图案仅接受Q版人物或肖像图 (Portrait)。如想要求绘画汽车或其他主题蛋糕,店主建议订购翻糖蛋糕因为更能呈现出细节.

我们每天都有提供运送服务, 只要透过网站订购就能随时吃到本店的蛋糕.

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